Repair & Renew Cream REVIEW OF THE WEEK

Chrysanthos F said

I had a little red spider like veins under my eyes top of my cheekbones... nothing terrible.. but noticeable and i didn't like it... nor did i like the frequent pointing it out from my hubby...

in 3 days ONLY! Of using this once a day b4 bed it had more than halved... !! in 6 days it was GONE!!

Outstanding!..... Im gob smacked!

Hubby had a nasty patch under one of his eyes.. used to fight (sports) seams he frequently got caught on a right hook.. ooops... that was 20 years ago.. end result was a significant broken skin under one eye... lots of veins n stuff... i succeeded to put a wee bit on him for 4 days.. (an achievement as creams not his thing.. but he was also amazed by my results) his results ...3/4s removed... would be completely gone im sure.. but by the 5th day... well there was only so far i could push it... even with the marvelous results...

im blown away by it and exceptionally pleased!

Plus its only £20 ish and actually does 'exactly what it say on the tin'... !!! Worth every reasonably priced penny.

if u want to get rid of the horrid little red veins that decide to turn up suddenly cause you got older and you dont like them.. no problem ... get rid of them in less than a week.. its like magic...

probably you need to be disciplined in putting it on each day.. but just a tiny amount and very easy to add it to your routine...


Repair & Renew Cream
Repair & Renew Cream
Repair & Renew Cream
Repair & Renew Cream